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Lucy Buckingham


Been swimming since Lockdown was lifted in April 2021, Having the swimming bundles has helped me to keep swimming every month. Thanks

Leanne Robinson


Amazing challenge 😀

Michelle Convoy


Great challenge second one I’ve done recommended doing them 😊

Jackie Knight


It helped me start swimming again and support an injury from running. I now want to sign up for another challenge. Thank you ?

Monica Dolan


Loved the challenge, it motivated me

Lucy Buckingham


Been swimming the distance since pools reopened in April 2021. I love getting a new medal each month. I use these challenges to train for the Swimathon, keeps me motivated with the targets I choose. Just wish we could amend after the 15th of the month.

Heather Measom


Lovely medal received very quickly. Great motivation to keep going swimming.

Danielle Chaplin


Great challenge! It kept me motivated to go swimming on the cold nights when I'd rather be at home in the warm! Looking forward to receiving my badge

Michelle Convoy


Brill medal and excellent challenges for motivation

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