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Michelle Convoy


Brill medal and excellent challenges for motivation

Andrea Varadi


Great challenge and beautiful medals in every month. Thank you

Elena Lancaster


Thank you so much for everything ❤

Elena Lancaster


I really enjoyed the swimming 🏊‍♂️ and I hope I will do more ,thank you so much 🙂

Lisa Barnett


It's amazing how this turns your thinking on its head - for the better; and leaves you feeling rather wonderful. Added to this is the prospect of having something pretty and sparkly to wear and show off to your friends and family.

Kornelia Procajlo


Thank you for a winter challenge;) It kept me motivated and I was determined to finish. Didn’t think I am capable to swim as long. I made actually 7k distance this month and I enjoyed it ;) see you again soon

Rosemary Heffron


Enjoyed this challenge improving every month

Elspeth Alexandra


I like having a goal to keep me motivated and consistent in the pool especially as the mornings get darker! I also like the flexibility, so I can sign the kids up when they have rare moments of enthusiasm.

Mia Verrecchia


This App offers the flexibility needed to hit realistic targets with an option to modify half way if needed. Already entered the next Challenge, and it can be whatever I want to try, like an Open Water Challenge in Loch Ness!

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