Our monthly challenges are on hold

Published: 2023-03-24

Hello folks,

You may have noticed that our medals have not been the same lately, and, not surprisingly, we had much less participants than usual in the last few monthly challenges. That's understandable and unfortunate at the same time.

We had to think of it hard, and we just have to say it... we will be putting our monthly challenges on hold.

Our February medals will ship in about two weeks (around April 6-10), but we will not be accepting March medal orders (apologies to those who may have registered for the challenge).

Thank you everyone who took part in our challenges in the last few years, it's been a good run. Stay fit, and stay motivated!

We will be posting our next batch of medals around March 10-13

Published: 2023-02-28

Hello folks,

We have been wrapping up all the orders placed before Feb 15, and those medals (including a few English Channel ones, some of the additional November/December medals) are going to be posted around March 10, give or take a couple of days.

Please keep in mind that, if you submitted your order after Feb 15, it'll go to the April batch, so those medals will be posted in the first half of April.

Keep swimming and stay fit!

December medals will be posted soon

Published: 2023-01-23

It may still be a week or two before we post the medals, but we've been working on getting them ready for you, so December medals (and a few remaining November ones) should be on their way by Feb 6.

If you have not ordered your December medal yet, you can still do it here: /shop/products?tp=private

If ordered before Feb 15, your medal will now be posted in the first half of March.