Monthly challenges are now step up challenges

Monthly challenges are now step up challenges

Our monthly challenges are, now, step up challenges

They are still monthly, too. But there is a difference (and we will also describe, shortly, what it means for those who have already signed up).

With the step up challenges, there is going to be no fixed goal for the month. Instead, you will see up to three goals on the challenge page once you have joined:

  • Achieved goal
  • Current goal (progress)
  • Step Up goal

Each challenge would normally have up to 15-20 goals, starting with just a few kilometers/miles, and all the way up to 1000-2000 km/miles, so there is plenty of targets there. Here is an example:

You will be able to order medals/awards once you have achieved at least one of the challenge goals. You can order awards any time while the challenge is active OR up to a couple of months after it's been completed. There is "Awards" button at the top of the challenge page which gives you access to the available awards:

You can also order awards using the dropdown at the top right corner of the site:

With this change, here is what you need to keep in mind:

  • There will be a non-refundable entry fee for each challenge (at the moment, it's 3 GBP / 4 EUR / 4 USD)
  • That entry fee, once paid, will be added to your site credits. Site credits are valid for 6 months, and, whenever you decide to finally order a medal / other products from us, the total of your order will be reduced by the amount of available site credits. So, in short, this does not change the price of ordering the medal
  • Since you have to reach at least one challenge goal to unlock available awards, more likely than not you'd be ordering them after the challenge has ended. We will be providing a more thorough wiki for this shortly, but, right now, just keep in mind that you'd need to order your medal by the 9th of the month, and the turnaround time for us to dispatch that medal to you would be about one month from there

For all our current participants, we will post more details here shortly.