December timelines and other updates

December timelines and other updates

2022 is coming to an end, so we wanted to share a few updates

Unfortunately, we may not be able to get December medals, so, by this time, all December orders (and remaining November ones) should have been refunded

2022 has been great in many ways, but it's also been tough. There was a change of ownership, we've been trying to adjust the process to make it work better, and, it seems, at this point we just need to take a pause and see what to do next.

We may decide to shut down completely afterwards, we may choose to continue in a different way, or there might be other options. The problem seems to be that medals logistic is challenging to say the least, and those issues have been exaggerated even more by the Covid-related closures in China.

In about 2-3 weeks, we are hoping to present updated medal designs / pricing. We can say with certainty that those are not going to be our traditional “metal” medals; however, we hope they’ll be a worthy replacement, and, also, we are expecting them to be produced “in house” to avoid all those delays moving forward. We’ll send you an update once we have the samples so you could see whether you’d want to back-order November/December (and, perhaps, Jan 2023) “medals”.

With that in mind, your challenge history will stay in the system for now – please feel free to submit December evidence whenever you have it ready if you are participating in the December challenge.

Thank you everyone for staying with us - we know some of you have been collecting the medals for almost two years. We'll see what we can do.