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Our mission

As a company, we are passionate about motivating swimmers, and Swim The Distance was born out of one simple aim - to provide swimmers with a tool to help with their training.

It can be hard to find a way to keep motivated to exercise. After all, it’s easier to say “I’ll swim tomorrow”. And yet, perhaps now more than ever, we need to keep active and look after our physical and mental well-being. For many swimmers, swimthedistance.com has been the answer.

Our monthly swimming challenges are a simple yet effective motivational tool. Setting a target and striving to achieve it immediately gives your motivation a boost, and aligns your attitude with your goals. With a target in sight, "I'll swim tomorrow" becomes "I've got to swim today!”.

With a fresh medal design each month, you will want to take part again, pushing yourself further than you thought possible. Secure your entry for this month’s challenge now - what are you waiting for?

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We are the leader in virtual swimming challenges! Join us today and make every length count.